All DMC corporate staff positions are filled with experienced affordable housing professionals. The specialization necessary to effectively manage affordable housing requires additional training and on-going updates which DMC provides for all staff members through monthly in-house training sessions and applicable vendor seminars. Site staff is trained on the job by Area Supervisors with mentoring and support provided by all DMC staff.

DMC provides trained, knowledgeable and motivated staff to conduct the day-to-day management activities as needed on site. DMC strives to select site staff that is “a good fit” for the property profile. Longevity of site staff is valuable for the property owner, residents and management. DMC strives to attract and retain proficient site staff by utilizing stringent selection criteria that includes testing and a thorough background screening. In addition, DMC is experienced in consolidating the management of multiple sites when practical.


DMC is the employer of record for all site staff. The DMC corporate staff process payroll and administers benefits as needed for all staff. The cost for labor and associated taxes and insurance are a project expense. DMC corporate and supervisory staff are kept up to date on labor laws by attending quarterly seminars to ensure labor codes are observed at all times. An employee manual is given to all employees when employment commences which DMC outlines all the company requirements and benefits.


DMC is very familiar with the various reporting requirements of investors, city and county redevelopment agencies, as well as, all state and federal government agencies. We provide accurate and timely reports each month. These reports include a balance sheet, monthly and year-to-date budget comparisons, rent rolls, general ledger detail, accounts payable and accounts receivable detail, and bank reconciliations for all accounts. In addition, compliance certification status reports and operations/maintenance summary reports are available.

DMC trusted procedures aid in ensuring accurate data is reflected in all reports by utilizing our state of the art software at the site level with corporate review.


DMC procedures dictate that site staff and Area Supervisors at least annually inspect each unit assigned to them, as well, as observing a preventative maintenance inspection schedule every 30 months. These inspections ensure the interior of the units and common areas are maintained, capital improvements are identified, and a plan of action is formulated.

DMC utilizes a software program that allows all work orders and inspections including tool, equipment and appliance inventories to be entered and tracked in the computer. This enables site staff to easily identify any pending work orders and to ensure the project inventories are complete at all times.

File inspections are conducted quarterly and at random. The compliance status of the project dictates how many and how often files are audited by either corporate or supervisory staff. Diligent follow-up to ensure file corrections are completed is exercised as a part of all in-house file audits. Area Supervisors are trained in compliance and contribute to ensuring the project files meet all requirements.


DMC has office locations in Lodi and Irvine. This provides a base in northern and southern California and enables us to provide coverage throughout the state. An Area Supervisor is assigned sites to physically visit a minimum of once a month, and more when necessary. DMC Area Supervisors thoroughly familiarize themselves with the properties under their supervision by overseeing any major maintenance work, performing monthly financial reviews, approving expenditures, working with site staff to ensure budget adherence, as well as, mentoring staff to assist in developing their skills to assist them in advancing in their chosen careers.


DMC staff has extensive compliance training and experience. Staff members have current certifications for all subsidies that comprise the funding of today's sources currently available for affordable housing. Our staff has participated in ten successful lease-ups within the last 6 years (500 units) and six substantial rehabilitation projects (634 units). The compliance staff led by the Director of Compliance who is experienced in implementing procedures that ensure compliance at all levels as well as keeping all staff up to date with new developments and regulations in the compliance world.


DMC has invested in a software program that provides the corporate and site staff with a system that incorporates site and corporate access providing checks and balances to minimize errors. This software system not only performs the basic accounting functions, it also offers a state of the art compliance component. The data captured in this component allows reporting capabilities that are only limited by the data entered in to the system. The system is designed for affordable housing and meets the nationwide compliance requirements of HUD, USDA RD, LIHTC, HOME programs and National Best Practices requirements.

DMC also offers a technology advanced set-up that allows the site staff to enter all rent deposits and print receipts on the spot. Compliance certifications are entered into the system and the system informs the site staff each day what items are pending and what items need to be followed up on that particular day. All receipts, deposits and compliance certifications are entered by site staff then reviewed and released or posted by DMC corporate staff. This process ensures entries in to the system are correct and timely. It also cuts down on lost time that can occur with a manual system.

All sites are equipped with a deposit capture system where the necessity to drive to the bank, mail deposits or the use of a drop box become unnecessary. The deposits are instantaneous and project expenses are reduced.


DMC has implemented a resident selection criteria plan that our years of experience have shown us to be very effective. All residents undergo a thorough background screening which includes criminal, Megan’s Law, and credit check. DMC utilizes various charts that aide the rental staff in determining if an applicant is qualified to reside at the project.

There is a limit of $2,000.00 in negative credit permitted (excluding medical), applicants whose collection amount exceeds $2,000.00 may request additional consideration in writing. Decisions regarding these requests are made on a case by case basis.

DMC staff is trained to educate the resident starting with the move-in process. DMC site staff is required to conduct a move-in meeting with the new resident and thoroughly review the lease and occupancy rules from the start. Following the occupancy rules is stressed in the meeting and the consequences of not following these rules are covered including lease violations up to eviction. It is the goal of all DMC staff to retain residents and to encourage a community atmosphere. In some cases, this is not possible and staff is trained to identify these cases and to act swiftly to remove them from the project within the legal requirements of the law as soon as possible.

Resident meetings and activities are required and encouraged. Neighborhood Watch groups and interaction with the community, police officers and fire departments are effective ways to bring residents together and to increase the safety of the project. DMC strives to partner with organizations in the community that may enhance the lives of the residents at DMC managed projects by providing health, safety and financial counseling events.